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    Short Sale Information

    What is a Short Sale? And what makes our process different then other organizations?

    A short sale occurs when a mortgage company agrees to accept less than they are owed for an outstanding loan. Banks would much rather agree to a Short Sale than foreclose on your home. A short sale allows you to SELL your home and get on with your life debt free.??We will negotiate with the bank on your behalf and do all we can to get them to forgive the difference between what you owe and what the home is worth (even if you have multiple mortgages on your home). The best part is the Bank pays all closing costs  and fees.

    Also, we can understand that you might have more furniture and other personal belonging which you will not need after selling your house, you allow us to help you do have a process to purchase these items and put some money in your pocket.

    Do you currently owe more on your property than what it’s worth?

    You may be able to walk away from your property without having a foreclosure on your record, and without owing the bank anything. You can relieve yourself of the bad investment, the stress, and the burden.

    What are the advantages of a Short Sale?

    Sell Your Home Quickly and Easily for Top Market Value
    Pay Absolutely No Commissions & No Closing Costs
    Avoid Foreclosure & Bankruptcy
    Save Your Credit
    Potentially Walk Away From Your Home With No Debt And No Tax Consequences
    In most cases we will be able to help you with moving cost
    In most cases we will be able to purchase furniture and personal belongings
    We will be responsible in removing unwanted materials and save you money in the process